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Flower Kings – Deaf Numb & Blind lyrics

Opened the door, let me into your secret garden
I wanted more, craving gold, always pushing harder
Learn to fear the God of mine, I'm still King and
Teaching how the spiral goes, you must follwo now
You must walk my way!

Opened your shrine, let me spin a while in your
I needed the pain, I needed tournaments and the burning
Learn, how to fear the nuclear bomb, hear the dogs of
Teaching how the madness must run, you will enter now
Or be damned forever!
Deaf, Numb and Blind...

Gone the spirit, gone the gold
Gone the justice, so we're told
Gone the hunters, gone the Gods
Gone the spieces, gone the blood
Down the colours, down the peace
Down the beauty, down the trees
Down the horses, down the ride
Kneel before the Nuclear Tribe

There's so much that we could have learned,
And still we let the forest burn
There's so much forgotten now
Seems noone will listen anyhow

Up the gamblers, up the greed
Up the bussiness, up the weeds
Up the posion, up the pipes
Up the chimneys, down the skies
Gone the teachers, gone the tales
Gone the trading, up the sales
Gone the laughter, gone the play
Gone the wisdom, so they say

There's so much that we could have learned,
And still we let the forest burn
There's so mcuh forgotten now
Seems noone listen anyhow

There's so much beauty lost
The gold turned green in the morning dust
In the corners of your mind
Still some sense left of the past

Learn how to rebuild Babylon
Where the whores will drain our blood,
Where the giant mushrooms grow
Where the truth is left untold
Where the raven rip your soul
Where the posion rivers run
Where the deadly game is gold
But the dead don't dance...

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