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Flatbush Zombies – When In Roam lyrics

Gold mouth speak grammar
My big dick in these petite standards
No stash box so I am in is hampers
Fuck the police I can’t god damn stand them
Blunt after blunt, now my eyes satanic
You forced like a muslim eating a ham sandwich
While fuckin a white chicken, the ... Not as that backwards
I’m always coughing like an astmathic
All because of my bad habits
…og, every dream cannot discentral my fabrics
Shottie so thick and it’s …ammo bastards
Shots to you told leave hammers dancing
Get it, hammers, dancing?
And now he got these bitches asking
Where the acid, be actually right here
Drop, drop on your tongue, take a trip my dear
No failure god, so god is there
For you I should be ultraviolet tears
Fibonacci and butney, we all giants like jimmy shocky
Now we just breathe on and breathe on
That nation of peons, that don’t know we’ve been here for eons
And eonds, the world is a smoking smoke
I’m tryina get my eat on, feast on
Money knocks a rotten flesh, ain’t nobody toppin this
Zombie we the mafia, …running metropolis
This is far from perfection, late teens are suffer from depression
It wasn’t the physical or love my reflection
It was more like metaphysical must have been takin…
I’m saving hip hop’s to death then, I moved on then, created an intersection
Jigapat be the rock, I promise no interception
I know you like them drugs falling up in perception
Death long for christmas, I don’t need another dead friend
Seriously man mary jane my lover and my best friend
And I thank her everyday for her blessings
Seriously man mary jane my lover and my best friend
And I thank her everyday for her blessings

Hail mary, hail mary, blow your smoke in the sky
Hail mary, hail mary, blow your smoke in the sky
Hail mary

Old the vent, war and then order
I witness the reporter, save a healthy man daughter
Only see the higher me, indulging this sobriety
And plus I drink up but weed, give me some variety
I reminisce living, never took a life
But sometimes I think different, and I contemplate killin
No rosary to clutch, no hoes for me to touch
If pussy my religion, then I pray before I cut
Insecure, imature, gradually I’m out of loss
I’m just buying time and I ain’t never care the cost
Poppin some… headache turn to armageddon
If you actin like a girl cand be a woman at my wedding
So I pray you understand, as righteous as I am
If brenda’s got a baby, I raise up like a man
Summer saying, with a 44 caliber, killin modern slaves
Spreading aids out in afrika
They reduce pay, still away for drug traffickin
Made it clear like it’s sitting in the packaging
Times I wouldn’t rap cause I was whack
There was a time I gave it back
I’m far away from death, and shit is really whack
Feelin so depressed yo
Will it give me will, or will it give me death roll?
Life is full of stress nigga but I never stress
Though a simple word of mouth
Never hear when you hear, jeez
Get that top on that air breeze
Shawty on the line coked up can you hear me?
Since you unaware, I’ma rare breed
This is real nigga shit, honey don’t compare me
Life of a king and bleed life through poetic some
You ain’t gotta be taliban to blow a bomb
Marvin gaye is today, ignorance is tomorrow
Sing sorrow and the whole world will follow

Hail mary, hail mary, blow your smoke in the sky
Hail mary, hail mary, blow your smoke in the sky
Hail mary

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