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Fionn Regan – Put A Penny In The Slot lyrics

I apologise,
seem to have arrived,
On what items in my bag from your house.
There's cutlery,
a tablecloth, some Hennessy,
And a book on Presidents deceased.
I'll have them fed-exed to you,
It was a strange thing to do,
I hope we can still be friends.
Ah, it was not me,
but someone else, you see,
Twisting the steering reins.

Put a penny in the slot and make an
artificial li-ii-iight shine,
Leave go-ooo. Mark old and line.

I don't give advise,
But be wise and think twice,
Before getting involved in a game.
Where the minority
Face the majority,
Who are faceless and born without names.
Was it knock synch when
we came across three men,
They had church candles wrapped in newspaper.
I bought two from them,
And I'll lit one for you,
I hope the message made it's way down the wire.

Put a penny in the slot and make an
artificial li-ii-iight shine,
Leave go-ooo. Mark old and line.

The soul of a dog,
he's alive and not gone
To the farm like the others said.
A Rhodesian richback,
Off the beaten track,
In a furniture shop down on the quays.
For the lonliness you foster,
I suggest Paul Oster,
A book called Timbuktu.

Put a penny in the slot and watch the
Drunken sailor boy dance.
She will not let you be
Her lov-ver.
She goes out looking for
The taxi.
Her phone is ringing straight to
Send out a battalion to
Find her.

Put a penny in the slot and count the
Swans through a te-elescope.
I can't help from cryin'
I wish you were mine.

When I was seventeen,
I followed my dream,
Up into a high-rise block.
The adventures of Augie March,
By Saul Bel-low,
Was all I had for company.
At night time I'd lie
In Beckingham pike,
With tears like flashbulbs.
And recall my treasure-
Searching days,
In the rock pools as a kid.

To the remains of
The cherub plains,
Or around the bonfire in Nailors’

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    Sounds to me like he's got a friend who went off to war in an attempt to escape his own broken heart. Fionn (or the narrator) tried to disuade this friend, but he went anyway. He then ruminates on his teenaged love lost, and his own subsequent war, which is just inner turmoil/life.
    A rhodesian ridgeback is a dog, and rhodesian war is zimbabwe's independance, which played a role in the cold war. Its a nice play on words and loyalty/friendship; the paul auster book is about a recently deceased homeless man's dog making his way. This could suggest a loss of family as well, homeless - perhaps the most vital love lost was not romantic.
    Also, and most likely, the friend could very well be himself, and this song could be his adulthood asking his adolesence for advice.
    Looking at each verse fairly literally: first he got drunk and stole some shit(from a dinner, plus a book). Second he's mourning someone who has gone away despite the odds of returning. Third and fourth are the third split, on about a dog and a girl, respectively. Then he's 17 and reading augie march, which is a coming of age tale.
    This is a sort of coming of age tale told backwards without beginning or end.
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