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Fiona Fung – A Little Love lyrics

Greatness as you
Smallest as me
You show me what is deep as sea

A little love, little kiss
A litlle hug, little gift
All of little something. these are our memories

You make me cry,
Make me smile,
Make me feel that love is true...
You always stand by my side,
I don't want to say goodbye.

You make me cry,
Make me smile,
Make me feel the joy of love.
Oh! Kissing you...
Thank you for all the love you always give to me,
Oh! I love you

(* Repeat from the beginning * 01 time)

Yes I do, I always do...

Make me cry,
Make me smile
Make me feel that love is true
You always stand by my side
I don't want to say goodbye.

You make me cry,
Make me smile,
Make me feel the joy of love
Oh! Kissing you...
Thank you for all the love you always give to me,
Oh! I love you...

To be with you... Oh! I love you...

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Submitted byalucardx


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    A A Arii Priyanti
    I think in this song the pronoun "I" is a girl which called as person who has not many experiences about something as love, we can see from the lyric "smallest as me", then from the lyric "greatness as you" means that pronoun "you" as a boy who has some experiences. Then the boy shows the girl about something deep as love, from the lyric "you show me what is deep as sea" sea here means as love. Some lyrics here using connotative meaning and we must know the meaning of this song deeply if we can understand more about itself to be denotative meaning as the lyrics "a little love, little kiss, little hug, little gift" we cannot imagine that the meaning of "little love, little kiss, etc" as what? Thus, we have to understand more about the meaning, in my opinion, "little love" means a simple action that the boy does for the girl as attention. The whole meaning that I can explain is the about the boy who shows and gives some experience about something deep as love to the girl through give love, hug, kiss, and gift which is unforgettable moments.
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  • u
    Despite you are much better than me and how insignificant I am you love me very much. At the start of our relationship, all those little interactions, kisses, hugs, gifts and all the little things we do remind of you. You allowed me to experience sadness (probably when we argue?), happiness, and true love.
    Despite I am in trouble you are always by my side and I don't want to ever leave you. I will always love you. Thank you for loving me and let me know love exist unlike the bad experiences I have in the past.
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  • u
    I like this song very much. Its remind me of my crush. He is older than me. I like him very much. I'm even make a diary about me and him when we're having great time together. Since we're both shy, we don't always talk. So whenever we talk it will be very precious for me. Sometimes I feel like I want to tell everyone about me and him but I can't. Hehehe. I'm not sure he like me or not. But still. I choose to love him in silent cause in silent no one own him except me!
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  • u
    Hey young girl your older crush will not go out with you if he didn't like you. He likes you because you guys are having A great time together. You guys are shy then that means you guys like each other very much. I bet you are below eighteen, your older crush is waiting for the right time to profess his feelings for you. On the contrary, you love him in silence? He has A GF? No one can own anyone. But when one is committed to another, I suppose your crush should have more time with his GF or whoever he has an exclusive relationship. One has to respect their relationship. Male or female friends should know their boundaries when going out with someone who has A relationship. Respect is important. Of course, this song is not appropriate for you and your crush. There is nothing wrong to have A crush but to love is not to be taken lightly. Listen to your heart and use your intuition. Be wise.
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