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Fiend – No Apologies lyrics

This is who I am, don't expect no apologies,
Seven letter in the alphabet I gotta be,
Game four quarters, just like I gotta be,
Crack cook and every money like a part of B
Amulet gave it to a lot of scream,
New Orleans where blind man seen a lot of things,
Yeah, hustle late, then you probably eat a lot of jean,
Yeah, at least you need as if you wide then you keep the...

Start the smoke top, calm with khali green,
Make enough every day sayin now I'm...
Under south where if you drink gotta scream
School boots cope, double weed of palile
Up from uptown, holly it from 17
Stress and high money, before you know a half a million
Sweet shops, crack houses get the jelly B
Pimp to check my wall... , you're my pedigree.


I ain't seen sorry then no sorry ass motherfuckers
... The shawty up, fucking dumb motherfuckers
You remind me of a gig another s*cker,
She's a bitch, she's a bitch too,
Die for a couple of dollars, may be a fistful
This nigga open your mouth, suck a pistol,
Seven letter, eighth letter, always teef,
If you smell smoke and hear a gunshot.
No, it's me, right around fly on the...
Couple niggas getting mad, high legs, Snoop Dog,
Contemplate and should I thought on the roof off,
Shoot em like the gun is a ball and he a hoop y'all,
Nigga said shoot em then... Off,
You got some nice shit, then show it off,
This is who I am, don't expect no apologies,
D block I ride for a lot of G's.


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