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Fiend – Cold Wit It lyrics

Basketball bouncing throughout song)

I'm cold wit it
I'm just cold wit it
Know what I'm sayin'?
If you don't know by now I'm cold wit it
Ah I don't know if its...
I'm I'm I'm just I don't get when I'm dunkin'
Ah I don't know if I just can't be faded when I do my fadeaways
Why they get jealous of my jumpshots
Man I'm I'm tired of it
Look check it out

Verse 1:
They call my game Alaska
Ice cubes in the cup that simmer Nebraska
The final chapter
Took me some time to master
Many crashed and burned, ain't my concern
No, I ain't gettin' paid to teach, but you can learn
I wake up 'fore the sun, speak to God 'fore I run
Review skills, cause now I'm more effective than the gun
Told since day one that my time gon' come
Step into the field and I can't be outdone
I roam the rectangle
Dangers from all angles
Leave your feelings at home
Cause this could get painful
Stamped and approved
Born not to lose
'Till you play wit me, don't talk
Then get your own shoes

I'm cold wit it, I'm cold wit it
Throw it against the glass and watch me go get it
I'm cold wit it, I'm cold wit it
I wanna put my game in cans so you can go get it

I'm the number one draft pick
I make layers cough up their last chips
My feet came with springs like a mattress
Faster than the speed of lightnin'
Like the fights of the '93 Tyson
No mistakes
Before you get to yip-yappin' in my face
You better have your ankles braced
Screws and duct tape
I'm a starter like Maurice Carter
Here to serve ya
Naturally made for the game like D. A. And Brian Mercer
They playin' waaahhhh!!! Music
Time to get hyped now
Wanna be a soldier
Let's go to Master P's right now
Can't be ignored, showed every time I scored
Had to put money aside
Cause I just shattered the backboard

I'm cold wit it, I'm cold wit it
I'm 'bout to glide right passed ya watch me just go get it
I'm cold wit it, I'm cold wit it
'Bout to put it in a can so you can just go get it
I'm cold wit it, I'm cold wit it
Throw it against the glass and watch the boy go get it
I'm cold wit it, I'm cold wit it
Now when I dunk in your face why don't you act like I ain't did it
Cold wit it

(Basketball bouncing 'till fade

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