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Felecia – Do Your Thang lyrics

From Monday to Friday
Your schedule's so demanding
Hardly have any time to breathe
Maybe even forget to eat
This is just how Bizzy
Your life in this, Krayzie
Don't you Wish You could be Layzie
Well relax your Flesh
Do your damn thing baby

[Chorus x2]
Everybody feel the flow and do your thang (do your thang)
We're havin a good time everything's gonna be ok (be ok)

[Layzie Bone]
I can tell you feel the pressure
I can see it written all over your face and
Need a vacation, from your situation
Just let your hair down, do what you want too
Kick it in a place, "Where everybody knows your name"
Let your heart be free
And everybody know how hard life can be
And just as long as your breathin' baby
It don't matter what your doin', you can get it baby
So gon' and maintain
Main thang, is survive the game
You gotta get up on your feet and just do your thang
Wipe the tears from your eyes
Know you gon' ride
You can't make it if you don't try
Give up and you gon' die
It's only life you gotta love it or leave it
Here today and gon' tomorrow
Man you better believe it
Time is tickin' so don't play wit it
And you if you ask me how I'm knowin'
Little Lay did it

[Krayzie Bone]
Back up and let me do my thang
I "got up and got it" and did it like the song say
If you think I'm slouchin' the game
Ya'll don't know Kray
24-7 I'm on the grind
And ain't no more stressin'
I'm tryna ride to the good life
Had to shake a lot of bustas, now I'm sucka-free
Thuggish ruggish til the day the lord come for me
So watch out now!
Them niggas on the roll
Collectin' mo' triple-O, mo' triple-O zeros, zeros zeros


Some situations carry too much weight (weight)
And I know it seems like, it's too much to take (take)
So when you get burdoned, know life ain't perfect
Just relax yourself, do the damn thing baby


We're havin' a goodtime everything's gonna be ok (be ok)
We're havin' a goodtime
We're havin' a goodtime

We're havin' a goodtime leave your cares all behind
We're havin' a goodtime
We're havin' a goodtime

[Chorus x2]

Everything's gonna be ok, o-k
Everything's gonna be, ok
Everything's gonna be, ok
Everything's gonna be, ok
Everything's gonna be, ok
Everything's gonna be, ok
Everything's gonna be, ok

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