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Fahrenheit – Bu Hui Ai lyrics

Zhi hao rang li wu an jing tang zai wo kou dai
Ning yuan kan zhe ni gen ta kuai le liao dao xiao kai
Dan you qing liang zi bu zu xing rong wo qing gan
Xin qing dou sui ni zhuan wan
Er qi ta qing jing wen wo er duo ai qing dou ting bu wan
Shi he wo men de cong bu shi lang man

*Ni bu hui ai
Wo de ai
Wo ming bai
Ni de zui ai
Na yi kuai
Na tian wo cai cun zai
*Wo bu hui ai
Ni de ai
Shou shang hai
Suo yi ning yuan an jing de deng dai

Zhi sheng xia bing leng kong qi pei wo yi zheng ye
Ji mo que duo dao sai che gen ben wu fa dong tan
Yi fan shen wo zai ban ye tu ran jiu xing lai
Meng li ni de chun rou ruan
Er qi ta qing jing wen wo er duo ai qing dou ting bu wan
Shi he wo men do cong bu shi lang man

Repeat chorus

Ai ni wo man bu xia lai mei you na yi tian li wai
Gen zi ji bi kuai wo hui gan shang ni wei lai

Repeat chorus

Bu pa kong bai, wo ji xu deng dai

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  • k
    Wow, this is the best song I've ever heard, I want to learn more about it, pls add, the english translation of this. Its a fantastic song this just inspires me so much,.
    This just adds to my admirations at feh lun hai, they're so handsome, I love theme, and the music video is really very inspiring, calvin is very handsome. I love him so muchh. And also the rest of feh lun hai,.
    No one can be compared to feh lun hai. Coz, they're the best.
    __xie xie ni that's, all=)). Its completes my day.
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