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EXO – Peter Pan lyrics

[D.O] Nalgeun ilgijang meonjireul teoreonae
Mundeuk pyeolchin geot geusogen haemalkke
Nega isseo ajik neon geudaero yeogi namaisseo

[BAEKHYUN] Itgo jinaettdeon geurimi tteoolla
Jageun tteollimi nae mome saemsosa
Jom sogeulpeuginhae geuttaero doragal su obneun ge

*[ALL] Neol chajaganda chueogi bonaen tinkerbell
Ttaranaseottdeon neverland
Geu gose naega neowa barabomyeo utgo isseo
Nan yeongweonhan neoui peterpan
Geu shigane meomchun ne namja
Seotuljiman neomu saranghaetdeon naui neoege danyeoga

[BAEKHYUN] Neol manhi goerobhyeotdeon jitgujeun akdang
Modu mullicheojun gieoki saengsaenghae
Geu sungan buteo neoui mameul eodgo nanun kisekkaji

[D.O] Nae mameun hangsang gureum tago narrachi
Neoneun wendi cinderella boda yeppeojji
[SUHO] Gaseum dwige mandeun dan han saram neol
Neukkinikka du nuni bitna

Repeat *

[CHANYEOL] Bunhongbit kamdeoneun eoulgul gureum wirel geotneun gibun
[D.O] (hamkke haettjiman)  
Baby boo Nae gaseumi dugeungeoryeottdeon geurim gatdeon you
[D.O] (jabgo shipjiman)
[SEHUN] Geuttae neoui nuneun salmyeoshi useojweottdeon geot cheoreom
[D.O] (son nae miljiman oh)
Jigeumdo nae maeumui kyeone yeollin changmune nega narawa jundamyeon
[BAEKHYUN] (neol meoreojyeo ga)

[KAI] Nae donghwa suk dama non neol yeojeonhi maemdoneun sweety girl
[BAEKHYUN] (tteonajima)
Ajikdo tteollyeo gaseum hankyeon neo eobneun igoseun oeroun seom
[BAEKHYUN] (geuttae naega)
Naegieok sok jeogeo non neol jiweojiji anheun pretty girl
[SUHO] (ijanha yeogi oh)
[SEHUN] Ajikdo seolleyeo gaseum hankyeon neo eobneun igoseun
[SUHO] (eodie isseulkka)  

[ALL] Shigyeui taeyeob doneun sai eolmana dallajyeo sseulkka
Neol sseonaeryeogan majimak han jongeul neom gyeojiman do Ilgeonael yeonggiga anna seulpeun geureun jiweonael geoya
Uri yegin ggetchi anil geoya dasi mannabol tenikka

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    Emma Hallin Raneborn
    This song means so much to me. Not just that it's about a never ending love it's also quite sad. The fact that he is so in love with her that he keeps searching for her all over the universe is just so romantic. He wants to stop in time with her and share all his moments with her in Neverland. It's just too sweet. But he can't find her and wonders where she'd taken of to. He wonders if she got it better now when he's not around. The meaning behind this song is so sweet and so sad at the same time. I listen to it everyday and I will sing it in class for my music project because this song just says so much about love. It says that love don't always have to be perfect and that how much it hurts you can always be as happy. It also tells you that all fairy tales don't have an happy ending like Cinderella and that life isn't something you will come through easily because without the struggle you wouldn't appreciate the good times as much. I'm really used to cry while listening to this song now it's so deep and meaningful to me.
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