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Esham – Fried Chicken lyrics

My heads been hurtin since 83'
Since birth my mommas been afraid of me
I was raised by the streets
I was made to be a young nigga makein cash so easily
I rolled into town full of playas and snitches
Every nigga I know be down for riches
OZ's, 8ths, kilos, and pounds
Nigga just yo ass right out of bounds
7 m-i-l-e's where I ride cause I roll through yo town like suicide
If you see me on the streets gotta bloody pistol
Triple beam OZ's get cut for crystal
Might come to your town and I'll kill your crew
Put a crack house right next door to you
If I fucked your bitch man it's all in the game
I done nutted in her mouth and don't know her name
Might come to your hood with my bad intentions
To fuck all the bitches with the hair extensions
If you see a nigga lookin to side of my ride
Just look for the joint in my mouth and you can say I'm fried
You can say I'm fried
You can say I'm fried
I got a track violation warrant for my rep
To dope case bleedin to no contempt
Had to beat a nigga ass at the liquor sto'
Cause he said he wouldn't sell me alcohol no mo'
Fuck that I gotta get my buzz and die
Get high still DWI
What the fuck y'all know about a millionaire gettin money slappin hoes screamin I don't care
I'm the neighborhood crook screamin fuck the hook
I'm the nigga that snatched yo mom's pocket book
Wicked shit, shit don't stop forever
Playa hatas hate me nigga whatever
I be fuckin these hoes since 94'
Screamin fuck these tricks in 96'
Real life I'll life fuckin dikes hangin with Dice screamin what'd it be like
Nigga ridin', high sidin, suicidein, muder-i-ing
Nigga You can say I'm fried
You can say I'm fried
You can say I'm fried
I like money and everythin that comes with that
I like pussy and big hoe asses fat
I like hoes suck dick at a drop of a dime
Put a gun in yo mouth and let it blow yo mind
Bitch boy my names Esham for real
Niggas still I kill for my dollar
So real I'm out for the fortune and game
Street politics, tricks, to cocaine
Sittin' in a crack house earnin' my snaps
Way before I was bustin em raps
It's the c-o-c-a-i-n-e now lets niggas be dope on the m-i-c
So fuck what you heard about me before I'm the same ol' nigga
Esham's dough hoe

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