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Esham – Crewzin Down 7 Mile lyrics

Woke up in the morning 'cause my snooze wasn't workin'
Got funky fresh and took a swig of urchin jerkin'
Stepped outside jumped into my ride
Seen a couple a freaks standin' down at the store
I start to go down there, I see my man Geegee
He said they all ugly so fuck them hoes
I kept on crewzin to get my boy tnt
He said wassup, I said wassup you comin' to hang with me
We jumped in the car and hit the mile with style
When the ho saw a nigga all they said was wow
We're rollin' off east and we're headed out west
Just incase there I got my bullet proof vest
But it ain't complete without the heat under the seat
But I won't fuck with you unless you fuck with me
Hoes givin' looks and smile
But I'm here to profile with style and cruise 7 mile
Cruising down 7 mile
"Suck my dick"
Cruising down 7 mile
"Bitch on a gank move"
Cruising down 7 mile
"Still talkin' shit"
Cruising down 7 mile
"Suck my dick"
Hit the west side 'cause that's where all the hoes at
And every real nigga in Detroit knows that
I'm rollin' low profile ridin' the bumps
Fuck the police, I let my system thump
Boom is the sound ya hear
Comin' from the rear and all the bitches say, "Look, look down there"
Low down, dirty dog 3 inches off the ground
Feel the bass knockin' on the other side of town
Some niggaz into gang bangin' and some into dope slangin'
I'm into fuckin' hoes, countin' cash, and street hangin'
Never liked another bro, betta ask your mother ho
Reel Life Production's fuckin' up your stereo
Ridin' like a rodeo, hoes wanna hollar so
Pull to the curb, what's your name and your number ho?
Haven't got time for the lines I'm throwin' ya
Gimme ya number later on I'll call ya
The bitch gave me her number and left with a smile
I know how to play that ho 'cause I met her on 7 mile
Cruising down 7 mile
Cruising down 7 mile
"Criminal minded"
Cruising down 7 mile
"It's the boogie, it's the boogie"
Cruising down 7 mile
"How you like me now?"
Rollin' off west and I'm headed for the east side
I see some hoes pointin' sayin' "There go Esham"
Not watchin' the road, thinkin' 'bout what they said
I hit a crackhead, now the crackheads dead
Hit and run, fuck him 'cause he's already dead
Besides I did him a favor he was a crackhead
Besides I ain't stoppin' to let the next car stop
It gives me more time to get down the block
And make a right chill into the crib for a while
And keep my black ass off 7 mile
Cruising down 7 mile
"Let's do it"
Cruising down 7 mile
"Esham's dope ho"
Cruising down 7 mile
"Let's do it"
Cruising down 7 mile
"Esham's dope ho"
Crusing down 7 mile
"Esham's...let's do it"
Cruising down 7 mile
"Esham's dope ho"
Cruising down 7 mile
"Let's do it"
Cruising down 7 mile
"Esham's dope ho"
Cruising down 7 mile
"Born broke beat up and"
Cruising down 7 mile
Cruising down 7 mile
"Esham's dope"
Cruising down 7 mile
"Esham's...let's do it"
"I'm the motherfucker that you want to be"
Cruising down 7 mile
"Let's do it"

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