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(feat. Bahamadia, Queen Latifah, Angie Stone)

[Intro: Erykah Badu]
Yeah, funk you up, we gon' funk you up
If you not ready, you better get yourself together
We gon' funk you up, we gon' funk you up

[Hook: Erykah Badu]
Love of my life!

[Repeat Hook]

Love of my life!

[Verse: Erykah Badu]
Twenty seven sets with the Serious, his mine
Wanna battle on the bump, then I say let's rhyme
I'm comin comin you come in on my rappin
Thanks for your support, but sucker's stop strappin
You be so upset, after leavin' the bash
You go home, feel bad and throw your mic in the trash
Obviously I did it with of words I meant ta
Go tell ya mama, Apple sent ya.....
Home, where you belong, cuz you ain't strong
Knick knack, paddie whack, give me back my bone
High rollin' til the last rhyme's broken
Apple's on the mic, now bitch who's jokin?

[Hook x2]

[While second hook is playin: Queen Latifah]
Yeah, uh, I would like to introduce myself
Queen L-A-T-I-F-A-H, is the name!

[Verse: Queen Latifah]
First he was poppin, we ain't gon' stop and
Keep them heads boppin, the remix droppin
Big girl, big trucks, big whips, whip up
Gots de palootie in my bag, shut your lips up!
Do it, turn it up, we gon' do it, dun
Take it in the pool and pass out on the furniture
Hip-Hop body, I just wanna party
Grab somebody, sing "La-ti-dad-dy"
It's 7-P suits dor-it-dora
Suit cay, sayin a U.K nora
Erykah, Angie, me, Bahamadia
You know it feels right, it's the...hey!

[Repeat Hook]

[While hook is playin: Angie Stone]
Ang-ang-angie, ang-ang-angie....

[Verse: Angie Stone]
Now before I want to bring you into this zone
I think I better let you know that I am Angie Stone
Hands on the paper, things better change up
I wanna sing, but I think I better hold up
B.I, beehive, you gotta a low ride
Can't stop, won't stop, backin to Lon-don
As I flip the Hip-Hop drops on ya
You fo' reel? So sing it!
Rollin Erykah, Queen, Angie, Bahamadia
Or Richie fine.......
Angie P, see Page, that's me
I can rock you crazy!

[Repeat Hook]

[While hook is playin: Bahamadia]
Baham-baham-bahamadia, baham-baham-bahamadia....

[Verse: Bahamadia]
What's the deal? My name's Bahamadia
Ain't no chick in the game who get it done like me
I've been chosen by G.O.D
To show the whole world the meaning of MC
Look, I be in dope with a thing called Hip-Hop (Hip-Hop)
People together like B-Boys in shell tops
And it don't stop cuz we can't quit
Bahamadia gonna getcha, it's built in the up lift
I beat dawgs who live life on dipsiss
Soloist with the iller dope accient
A livin legend, baby throw me on the track and
I'm gaurenteed, Bahamadia get it crackin

[Outro: Erykah Badu] (Angie Stone) {Both}
Get up, get up, get up, get up, get up
Get up, get up, get up, get up, get up
Get up, get up, get up, get up, get up
Get up, get up, get up (SIT BACK DOWN!)
You right on up, we gon' funk you right on up
Funk you right on up, we gon' funk you right on up
{If you not ready, you better get yourself together}
We gon' funk you up, we gon' funk you up
{We gon' have a real good time, forget about the weather}
We gon' funk you up, we gon' funk you up
Love of my life, you are my friend, on who I can depend
Love of my life, without your baby it ain't a simple true love
Hope this shit here ain't clear, hope this shit here ain't clear
Funk you up, we gon funk you up!

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