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Eric Sermon – Look lyrics

I am hip-hop: look through the lens
My fitted cap got the gold sticker on the brim
I look like an 8, but I flow like a 10
The New Jack that got G Money on the stem
I started in '92, back in the 2G
4 docks with Jamal How High: The Movie
Got new money, got new clothes
Got with Superbad, I'mma get that for sho
For sho, I'mma get that for sho, I got it
I crank up the base and it cause power outage
Master my paper, I been bout it bout it
Graduated from the streets and dropped out of college
Bitch, give me knowledge, fuck study hall
You could say I got my Phd in the car
A hood nigga, drink out peanut butter jars
Red and Meth, rocking the bells like?

Let's go, let's go, let's go!

[Method Man]
This shit pumps like a body in the trunk
This shit pumps like a body in the trunk
This shit pumps like a body in the trunk

I'm like Sellick with the Magnum, without the pi
This dope flow bi, llama tucked in my Levis
It's killah bee, keep a honey bee in the beehive
The type that beat her? And bring you weed on the D. I
I'm on that grand hustle my dude: shout out to T. I
The dope I'm tryna hustle is compliments of the D. I. E
Let me bark on these young'uns, get in their heads
I was busy getting drunk when they was...

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