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Packing the last few shirts into a bloated suitcase
The last glimpse of comfort and the ticking clock face
I swear those hands move faster every day
I'm more confused than ever but I don't beg or pray 'cause the
Sparkling light from the morning sun
Is all we should need to feel one

I reach the station with just minutes to spare,
I glance at my watch time's going faster these days I swear,
Eyes focus up now to the train time table board
There's only two platforms to be explored,
And it's then that I admit it to myself,

That I am lost so lost
But you're the constellations
That guide me

There's a train at 12, destination disaster
It's running on time as time runs faster
On platform two it's destination sustainability
It's delayed though it was suppose to arrive at 11:50
Platform one it says stand behind the yellow line
But I sit on the platform edge and just gaze at the time

My mind wanders back to our oblivious existence
I'm all choked up now with the threat of distance
As the train bound for disaster chokes up to the station
I don't board it cause I decide that it's the wrong destination
But the train bound for sustainability is nowhere to be seen

And I'm lost so lost
Where are the constellations
That guide me?

And then I realize that
We need to use our own two feet to walk these tracks,
And we have to squad up and we have to watch each others backs,
With forgiveness as our torch and imagination our sword
We'll untie the ropes of hate and slash open the minds of the bored
And we'll start a world so equal and free
Every inch of this earth is yours all the land and all the sea
Imagine no restrictions but the climate and the weather
Then we can explore space together

And I'm lost so lost
Where are the constellations

And I'm lost so lost
You are the constellation X5

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  • U
    UnregisteredMay 31, 2012 at 4:24 am
    I always imagined it like this.
    The battle and fight for peace, equality, unity etc. Is over. It's finally finished and yeah.
    The first verse:
    "packing the last few shirts... To feel one"
    The protagonist is finished fighting and cleaning up, he/she ia a little apprehensive but has no worries and is looking hopeful.
    "i'm more confused than ever but i don't beg or pray cause the, sparkling light from the morning sun is all we should need to feel one. "

    "i reach the station... To myself"
    The protagonist has reached the place where all of humanity is gathering(the station) and sees that there are two choices that can be made as to what happens next and how they will all decide to move forward.

    The chorus:
    That i am lost so lost
    But your the constellations
    That guide me

    Here i think the protagonist is speaking to the listener saying that he does not know what to do but you are the future. You have the power, we the people have the power to guide humanity in a new direction. Therefore we are the constellations.

    "there's a train at 12, destination disaster... Gaze at the time"

    Humanity is looking at their choices, they can either use the same system they did before or they can try something new. They are waiting for someone to lead them to sustainability but nothing comes up, no one know what to do.

    "my mind wanders back... Nowhere to be seen"
    The first choice, the decision, the system that failed and produces the same problems from before. This choice will lead to the same problems we had and history will repeat itself. Humanity is almost fooled into making this choice again(boarding the train) but they do not because they know it will just restart the fight again.
    The protagonist sits there and thinks about everything humanity has been through to get to this point and how we started out naive and violent but now have accomplished so much and are ready to make the big decision. Humanity is still looking for the train, someone to lead them and show them the way but nothing at all...
    Where are the constellations? Which is the right way?

    "and then i realize... Forever"
    The protagonist realizes that the train isn't coming at all. No one will show them the way, they have to do it themselves. No one will lead them they have to lead each other hand in hand. They all have to care for each other, using forgiveness for all the hurt and hate that will light the way to a better world, and imagination to come up with sustainability, they'll rid the world of hate and bring new ideas. The world they started will be so equal and free, so perfect, the fabled utopia, an actual heaven, now that humanity has stopped fighting each other, everyone, black, white, christian, atheist, are all working, hand in hand, to make a new step for humanity. Exploring the vast abyss of space and having an adventure together.
    Throughout the outro, the protagonist says he is lost and a bit scared but we, humanity, are guiding him to greatness.

    I love this song, it is so precious to me. It really helped me learn to forgive and forget and to stop frittering life away and enjoy it. I love playing this song under the stars on a clear night. Enter shikari did an amazing job. I made an acoustic version with a friend of mine but we both dare not upload it nor would we ever play it live in our band. It is that sacred to us. I can't wait to see what enter shikari has in store next. Looking forward to it :)
  • U
    UnregisteredMay 22, 2012 at 1:16 pm
    Such a smashing ending to the album, well done lads! I find this final song a good last few words from rou. You could probably say that this song is about having no restrictions to humanity's lives and having the freedom to travel our own unique and individual paths instead of walking along those which were laid out for us, be it disaster or sustainability. We are the constellations that should guide one another towards a better future, and the day when we stand up and squad up will be the day when the boundaries that we've been held back by will fall down so that we can all explore all the way to space and back again.
  • U
    UnregisteredMay 7, 2012 at 1:08 pm
    Its a song about having the balls to stand up for whats right. What you believe primarily aimed at the government yet aimed at ourselves for not doing anything about it. So maybe just maybe we can work together to get things done. But the day that happens is the day pugs fly. To any arrogant egotistial power hungry fags to do so.
  • U
    UnregisteredApr 18, 2012 at 6:11 pm
    I see two side, one defiance of conformaty and normality that leads to recklessness, yet there is the heavensent other side which we want to ride which is waiting and waiting, not taking charge but instead being placed and taken to safety. Then in the breakdown it describes that no route given to us by others is acceptable you want get where you want unless you move, you choose and you do!
  • U
    UnregisteredMar 9, 2012 at 12:09 pm
    I find it to quite a deep and meaningful song. I mean a 16 year old can only grasp so much about what it means but i can see the true meaning a.k. A. We all need to help each other in order to make the world better, "we need to use our own two feet to walk these tracks, and we have to squad up and we have to watch each others backs" has to mean something like that right?

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