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Emmylou Harris – West Texas Waltz lyrics

When you're ready or steady, to go dancin', romancin'
Grab your sweetheart and jump in your car
Drive right on down, to the bright side of town
You'll be glad you don't have to drive far
You'll be happy you don't have to go far

Park your pick-ups and Cadillacs, Fords and Renaults
Get out and dance like the dickens to the West Texas Waltz

Grand mammy, grand pappy, if you wanna stay happy
Better lace up your best dancin' shoes
Come see us, don't write us, you can stop your arthritis
Just by dancin' away your blues
Now just by dancin' away your blues

So bind up your bunions with band-aids and gauze
And come dance like the dickens to the West Texas Waltz

I met a fine banker and I'd sure like to thank him
For the credit he gave me made me shout
He changed my whole attitude and to show him a my gratitude
I decided I'd just ask him out
Yes, I thought I just might ask him out

I said close up your windows and lock up your vaults
And lets go dance like the dickens to the West Texas Waltz

We spent the next to last dollar at the old ice cream parlor
On a milkshake and a malt and a pop
And then we heard us some sounds was a honky tonk lounge
Next door to the ice cream shop
Next door to the ice cream shop

Now only two things are better than milkshakes and malts
One is dancin' like the dickens to the West Texas Waltz

And the other is somethin' but really it's nothin'
To speak of, it's somethin' to do and if you've done it before
You'll be doin' it some more
Just as soon as the dancin' is through
Right after the dancin' is through

And if anybody asks you why, just tell 'em because
You been dancin' like the dickens to the West Texas Waltz

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