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Emilio Rojas

Lean On Em lyrics

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Emilio Rojas – Lean On Em lyrics

[Bridge: Emilio Rojas]
And now we rollin in that '85, that '85
Yeah my shorty tatted up around the waistline
When you sleeping in the motherfuckin' day time
I'm gettin' lowered by all my bitches but they stay high

[Hook x2: Emilio Rojas]
Cause all we do is lean, lean on em
Got some bitches in the back with something mean on em
Yeah we lean on em, yeah we lean on em
And when I finish, I'mma sick the fucking team on em

[Verse 1: Emilio Rojas]
Bad spanish bitches with some ass shots
Get it rollin' with the team like a mascot
Matte black '85 in them back lots
Speedin' down that mother fuckin black top
Rollin' with my spinx that's it's
Anybody wanna pop that shit?
And make it hit with a lil bit of fists
Until they drop and that is it
You can find me with some pretty lil mommy's
Gettin low up in the heights where they watchin' us Crown V's
We livin', sinner not a religion
Never gonna ask with no permission, I act and ask for forgiveness
Yeah we get it, we livin' off the interest
All these bitches doin' lines like err day an audition
I'm taking trips and spend my winter with tan lines
Ya'll never fly I argue bitches that stand by
And we be gettin' things money can't buy
Young Spanish mother fucker on the ride



[Verse 2: Iamsu! ]
Tell the Jamaican homies pass the dutches
I can't stand you niggas like Uncle Ruckus
And these rappers be doing a bunch of nothin'
But I stick to fundamentals like my name was Tim Duncan
Like doing what pays me, always dressing crazy
Pullin' up with badass B's like Jay-Z
What's the dealio?
It's young Suzy Holiday in the millio
Rollin' in them 85 Audi's
What you know about it?
Leanin' on them fools like I ate a weed brownie
Wavy on these haters then, now they all drowning
Money counting, every outing
And it's heartbreak til my heart break
You should par take
Playing us is like hopping in the shark tank
It's the gang in your ear
Stay in your lane cause we'll end your career



[Verse 3: Styles P]
Lean on em, yeah they lean on em
He got swag but he don't got no cream on em
If he did, he would've put the beam on em
Got the iron and he don't want no steam on em
Yeah I lean on em, big body V
Look at my company assume I sold the a lot of thee
Them niggas spending it, like they won the lottery
Me, I'm a plant man, fill me up like pottery
For real though, I'm viscious on a mi
See I used to make ryhmes, grippin on the semi's
Scramblin', these the ramblin's of a Jedi
Late night, in the hallway with the red eyes
Lean on em, them nigga kick stand
Murder mommy's magazines keep your distance
I'm in the gut, with the sound and the piff rims
Something mean, got sixteen on six vents lean on em


[Hook x2]

[Verse 4: Tro Ave]
It's Troy Ave I'm that nigga, don't mean to boast
A bk well-known dealer heavy in coke
White leather in chin-chilla the top off
Late like a swag fiend who pop dope
I'm fixin' to pop off, and you sold that
Fixin' the pot whippin salt where the dough at?
Show me the money, I'll see more clearer
Show me the money, and show me a mirror
Reflectin' on my past, pedal gettin' masked
High speed paper chase straight ahead to cash
Money off the bates, money chosen hate
Murder was the case when he came and bought the wakes



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