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Elle Madison – Addiction lyrics

She woke up one morning and took a deep breath
Looking at her empty pack of pills with regret
Regret turned to pain and the pain that she felt
Twisted from the inside she wanted to die
She called up her best friend though he wasn't her friend
A seller what he sold to her made her more blue
But the blue was camouflaged into making her feel good
The next morning would be the same as the last
It was everything and more then she expected
The devils got her throwing up and worshipping exits
Though the exit is way down under and she thinks she's protected
The truth hasn't surface her
She isn't effected

Come out from the affect
Come out from your an addict
Come out from the affect
Come out from your an addict

No one could get through no matter what they would do
She told them it was fate and this is her life
Nobody knows what I'm going through inside
They told her if you would just wake up you would see
The beauty in life that is growing around she
Her sister had a baby and her mother is promoted
But the town is looking down on what the family hides
They say she's a criminal give her life
But the police in town use her as their own inside
She doesn't even see what she is becoming
Blame it on her mother
Blamed on her father
Blame it on the world
The world that gave her life

Come out from the affect
Come out from your an addict
Come out from the affect
Come out from your an addict

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