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Ella Mae Saison
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Ella Mae Saison

Till My Heartaches End lyrics

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Ella Mae Saison – Till My Heartaches End lyrics


I recall when you said that you would never leave me
You told me more, so much more like when the time you whispered in my ear
There was heaven in my heart
I remember when you said that you'd be here forever

Then you left without even saying that you're leaving
I was hurt and it really won't be easy to forget yesterday
And I pray that you would stay
But then you're gone and, oh, so far away

I was afraid this time would come
I wasn't prepared to face this kind of hurtin' from within
I have learned to live my life beside you

Maybe I'll just dream of you tonight
And if into my dream you'll come and touch me once again
I'll just keep on dreaming till my heartaches end

And then you left without even saying that you're leaving
I was hurt and it really won't be easy to forget yesterday
And I pray that you would stay
But then you're gone and, oh, so far away

[Repeat CHORUS]

Woh oh yeah

[Repeat CHORUS]

Keep on dreaming till my heartaches end...

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Submitted byVetal

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  • l
    This song makes me cry but gives me reason as well to be strong. When you love someone accept the fact that time will come that you will be hurt. Being inlove means being hurt as well. Right now I am in the stage of moving on but I really don't know when will my heartaches end. Right now I'm in limbo but I know that god will help me forget every heartaches. As the saying goes "when the rain stop there is always a rainbow behind that..." so in every heartached expect there still happiness after that just learn to comfort yourself coz no one can help you but yourself only.
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  • u
    Love is blind. It is always willing to give in and it ignores negative thoughts that could possibly take place in the way, so long as you are happy in a bit of a moment. Love conquers all. It is always ready to sacrifice whatever circumstances would be. It is neither wrong nor stupidity, but it's rather how pure is the heart and intentions of someone who's yielding in. In the end it's still love that heals the broken heart.
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  • u
    Love and be hurt. It's the best feeling in the world. It's better to loved and be loved than not to experienced it. There's nothing to substitute with that experience. It can never be taught in can only be felt by not anyone. It is yours exclusively no one can take that away from o.
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  • u
    There's this girl who really loved this boy. They got into a relationship. They promised to one another that they will never leave each other. But then, the boy left the girl. She was crushed. She new that it was coming. She was afraid to face it. She was so used to him being on her side. So she's hoping that one day she'll forget the hurt. She dreams of him and the good memories they had. She avoids all of the pain she feels. That is why she'll just keep on dreaming till the pain goes away; till her heartaches end.
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  • d
    _i love listening to this song 'coz it triggers my tears to shed. Only my tears help me reduce the pain I am feeling inside. It's the only outlet when my heart unable to express the true pangs she feel inside. Everytime I hear this song, I can't help myself reminiscing the blissful moments we had, and then in a sudden my tears would fall like razorblades.
    . _nonetheless, I learn things from this experience. Acceptance is one. Accept that sometimes when you get to love a person so much, you also get to love the pain he/she may bring. They'll just touch your heart in a while, then leave you with no words in a sudden. You just have to accept that they are gone and hope no more so you'll gradually recover from being stumbled. It's more painful to hope and wait for nothing, isn't it? Best thing to do is charge everything to experience. Someday when you recovered and reminisce the pain, you can't notice that you are laughing at it na pala. Jejeje. Cry and sob today, you'll never notice tomorrow you're smiling again.
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