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Eli Nicholas – Dying For You lyrics

Verse one

There's a girl in my room and she's getting undressed
I just need to get this off of my chest
I'm not saying I wish I was next
Just wish you had a little more class and respect
How the FUCK could you lie to me
There was a time I thought you would die for me
Back when your beauty was blinding me
Now I'm dying for you that's irony
You knew we would break up
Guess you're nothing but a cheap lying fake slut
You were never there
Say that you were but you never cared
There was a time that I really did love you
Wish I didn't say it every time I fucked you
Now I wish I was dead
Back at the start I wish that I'd said

Verse 2

All I was was a guy you could fuck
I gave you my all but it wasn’t enough
You ripped out my heart you’re covered in blood
I’ve finally seen that this isn’t love
Cuz you couldn’t give a fuck about me
If you did you would be stuck without me
On the edge close to giving up without me
But you’re with him now living up without me
And to be honest right now you’re breaking my heart
This verbal abuse it tares me apart
Now it's too late to go back to the start
Cuz you’ve ripped out my heart and you’ve left it in parts
I thought I couldn’t do this alone
That was until you took that guy home
And you did it right in front of my eyes
What makes it worse you were with me last night
And now you’re with him
Treating me now like it wasn’t a thing
With you at my side I thought I could win
You were an angel but you’ve lost your wings
I guess it's to hard to pretend
That we haven’t come to an end
I wish I was dead
Back at the start I wish that I'd said

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