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Electric Hell Fire Club – Slaughter Of Elysium lyrics

The human flock is bleating...
Thier mindless, pointless feeding
makes them fat and lazy...
Thier minds get dull and hazy
sick and pathetic, the weak and diarrhetic
a waste of time and space...
When from a darker place
the wolves descend!!!

A plague of locusts... Like lightning from the sky
the new Centurians with a world to crucify
the Devil's inquisition -
we'll break you on the wheel
Panzer Divison - grinding bodies under steel!!!

Your worthless prayers will be forever silenced
by mass-destruction elevated to a science
you offer no resistance, show no defiance
you will learn the meaning... Of ultraviolence!

We will build and empire unlike any other
we're the masters of our race
we lead human sheep to slaughter
it's raining blood from Heaven
your judgement day has come
your world will be destroyed
slaughter of elysium!!!

All hail the new Centurians marching in the streets
Satanic storm contingent - killer elite
triumph of our wills we will grind you under heel
show you for the pigs you are...
With your dying breath we will make you squeel!!!

Like human swine lined up for slaughter
your blood will flow like water
like a river to wash the world away
it's judgement day!!!
There's no escape... Torture and rape
death and destruction... It's judgement day

Deny Christ the deceiver, become your own redeemer
the choice is yours - live like a slave or die by the sword!
Let the games begin!!!

Your judgement day has come
slaughter of elysium
crucifixes overturned
synagogues and churches burned
a new religion, based on ultraviolence
we will build a new tradition...

Throw the fucking christians to the lions!!!

It's raining blood from Heaven
your judgement day has come
your world will be destroyed
slaughter of elysium!!!

Slaughter.. Of human fodder
slaughter of elysium, slaughter of elysium
the endless slaughter... Of human fodder
slaughter of elysium, slaughter of elysium!!!

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