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El-p – Oxycontin, Part 2 (Feat. Cage) lyrics

[El-P and Cage together]
I met her last week, this insane tart
We been swimmin in eachother with the same heart
I mean I think we might be sections of the same part
And we don't seperate at all until the day's dark
And then she floats away
After zonin with me close all day
I don't believe some of the things we say
Using whispers speaking in the simplest of ways
Thinkin in a similar way
I mean, basicly strangers but we livin the day
Together in a serious way
Gettin blazed and escapin a sick play
So high that our faces erase
We go together through the spaces I trace
Man she looked me dead in my grill
With a hand out strapped for one pill
And I prescribed her fill
And we made love to the thought that life's ill
And how it's crazy that through all of this swill
How you can bump into the beautiful while jumpin from sills
*phone ringing*
Somebody pick up the phone!
Somebody pick up the phone!
(Hello?) [Yo, what's up man?]
(Sleeping, what's crackin?)
[I wake you up?] (No I'm awake dawg what happen?)
[Still wont pick her phone up man] (The phone is probably dead)
[I'm saying she's probably buggin out] (C'mon I'm going back to bed)
[Why you frontin on me?] (Because you're startin to bug
And by the time I come to get you she'll be back from the club)
[I'm sayin..] (She still smoke?) [Yeah..] (Then they probably eatin
I think you're paranoid dawg, picture Molly cheatin
Y'all got a kid together man y'all live together
And man if she party too much, you d

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