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El Da Sensei – Relax lyrics


Yeah, Yeah

Here we go

Jersey stand up

A 7 Heads presentation

El Da Sensei

All y'all just relax

Sit back, take a drink

1, 2


Yo, take a step inside the booth

With no bet films documentin' the proof

No twangs in my slang 'cause I come from the east

Known for heatin' hot-ass beats and bullets from the beast

I'm just one of many and I'm here to unleash

My presentation as a piece of myself to eat

7 Heads is the label and I rep that shit

Musical magic, fantastic, on the average

My rendition of the classics, rendition of the last true and livin'

But alas my edition on arrival

Logical, melodical

Trying to get the fans and more cash and respect that's possible

Straight up, I got the early 90's flow

Slam upon tracks like Booker T on Monday Nitro

You fiend for my taste like puttin' fingers in the cake mix

Rock off kicks and harmonize like Take 6

[Chorus:] Repeat 2x

Relax, think

Back, when shit was fat

Relax, Relate, Remember

Not long ago when we all knew what was the agenda

Debate this in any presidential candidate

I spit great from the bx to the Great Lakes

Dedicate this to my dad who past

And to all my late relatives from years past

To my son: God Bless, you relieve my stress

Keep me striving for the best in this industry mess

It's true to the fact that I'm not like ya'll

'Cause we Tom Hill Billy niggas tryin' to ball

" What happened to the sound?" what everbody's askin'

Guns clappin', top emcees clashin'

Well fuck that, real tracks at your service

No need to get nervous as you get into the verses

Natural exceptional... Enough about myself

If it ain't about myself, then it ain't nothin' else

So Relax is the title, El Da Sen' online

Mark off your favorite joints then press rewind

[Chorus:] Repeat 2x

Relax, think

Back, when shit was fat

Relax, Relate, Remember

Not long ago when we all knew what was the agenda


Like I said before

El Da Sensei

Relax everybody

I got you

Just sit back

Enjoy the music

Just remember when we was doin' everything in the 90's

And the 80's

Yeah, yeah...

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