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Dwayne – Fancy lyrics


Yeah. Ugh. Young scholar scholarship for them dollars, sixteen years got the whip from your father. Now you're out with your girls manicures and massages, came back pull in that six car garage. And it's the life right no man but got a plan, out tonight right with friends but you still paying. You don't fight right cause you know that you popping bands, then you see a man with some money you tell him talk to the hand. Uh bad girl with a career, ride or die chick I lay back and let you steer. You do whatever girl and you don't even got a care, strut around in sweats still rocking everything you wear. You got your own car dress on high heels, got your own money baby how that life feel. Designer everything Prada on the sweater, and I don't think nobody does it better uh.


(Tyson Carter)

Got a bad chick who classy and got elegance, focus on herself these other dudes is irrelevant. Fly and can have a good time but still intelligent, she wanted a career but ain't got the time for settling. Kind of like a wedding cause she know that she the best man, catching my attention ever since I was a freshman. Need her to be mine I'll be better than the next man, so I gotta make it right kind of like I broke my left hand. And these other girls basic, they be trying to cuff but I been dodging like the matrix. Other the lames lacking the respect and the patients, but I like your vibe here's my number you can take it. Got ahead stay stunting on them, they all hating cause you know they got nothing on you. So while they're staring like it can't be, let them know we do it fancy.


(Tyson Carter)

All my la girls let me see your hands, wave them at them ladies hating on you with they friends girl you got it. Let them nothing that everything did, nails done hair done, everything did. All my Life Clique girls let me see your hands, wave them at them ladies hating on you with they friends girl you got it. Let them know that everything did, nails done hair done, nails done hair done.

Come through we can go and have some fun boo, either that or we can still kick it like it's kung fu. I'm independent but I'm not even gonna front too, I be having nights where I just need someone to run to. I got nervous of making a first impression, it got a little awkward so I just left you guessing. Ugh and I think you might be a blessing, someone I can trust and will never have me stressing. And I love the way you finessing, always doing you and will never come in a second. In my eyes you're perfect forever I've been searching, I think the wait is over but I think the wait is worth it.


Yeah. Uh. You got money in your hands Louis on the pants, I can see the confidence just looking at the way you stand. Don't even got a man cause they don't understand, how to treat a women when you're really throwing bands. You say that you don't need them well baby I agree, cause I can look and picture everything that you can be. You got dreams girl just tell me what you see, and I can be that truth that you believe. Uh and this might be something you hear a lot, but I know you got a team so I'm trying to make the spot. Everything these women say I don't listen true or not, cause baby you're a catch so tell me why I'm feeling caught. But I don't even worry cause I know what you do, they say that you're a dime but that's something I knew. I can't even waste my time cause baby girl I'm stuck on you, you can do it by yourself but girl it's better when it's two.


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