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Drones – Nail It Down lyrics

Nail it down, nail it down
Come back home and nail it down
You can't never get nothing up off the ground
If someone don't come along and nail it down

He says he knows, he says he knows
He's never ever been where his mouth goes
Well it's all the same that vicious zeal
But how does what's false apply to what is real?
And why's it got to be a mystery?
You got to lay it out

Like thunderheads creeping down the hill
And pretty soon everyone gets I'll
But I slip the net, being tall and thin
And pretty soon the dark turns to dim
I can see a little clearer now
You got to nail it down

Listen here, listen here
Tomorrow is the first day of the year
So cut the work that can't be done
You're either cutting all that work or you won't finish
You got to lay your tools out
Pick up one

All storms still stir
Behind a big sea wall
What's the point of something that you can't recall?
Give it time, give it time
It'll go to rack and ruin
And you'll lose your mind
You'll either learn to swim then
Or you'll be left behind

I'll try anything
Anything I think is good
And I'll do anything
Anything I think I should

I'll try anything
If it seems clearer at first light
I'll do anything
Before it's vanished from my sight

Her hair was wet
Her shoes were damp
And as she travelled on the weather licked her like a
She said "I don't grasp the way you think sometimes
You're like a star that's died but hasn't lost it's
My head is hollow as she turns to go
Nail it down

Nail it down, nail it down
Come back home and nail it down
Can't never get nothing up off the ground
If someone don't come along and nail it down
You break one law you break all laws
Nail it down

I'll try anything
Anything within a breath
I'll do anything
You know you would not want to pine to death

I'll try anything
Anything that's bought or sold
I'll try anything
Even something that you cannot hold

I'll do anything
Said the old man of the sea
I'd try anything
If you would only get along with me

And I've been everywhere
And I've done everything to do
But I'd try anything
If I could only get along with you

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