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Dream Theater – The Test That Stumped Them All lyrics

Standing in the darkness
Waiting for the light
The smell of pure adrenaline
Burning in the night

Aiming at the stage
Random blinding flashes
Intro tape begins to roll
Igniting sonic rage

Still they keep me between these hollow walls
Hoping to find in me the answers to the
Test that stumped them all

"The boy is just simply crazy
We honestly think that maybe
Suffering from delusions

He might need an institution
And really could use some help
He lives in a world of fiction
We have just the place to fix him
To save him from himself"

Curled up in the darkness
Searching for the light
The smell of steel, sweat and shit

Steaming through the night
Pills red, pink and blue
Random urine testing
Providing not a clue
Counseling and therapy

Still they keep me between these hollow walls
Hoping to find in me the answers to
The test that stumped them all

"We can't seem to find the answers
He seemed such a clear cut case
We cannot just let him leave here

Why don't we try shock treatment
We have just the tools to fix him
And put all this work to waste
It really might do some help
To save him from himself"

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