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Dream – Real lyrics

[The Dream]
I could give a fuck what a nigga thinks
As long as I keep popping bottles of drink
And I could give a fuck what a nigga do
As long as I've got rollies on my whole crew
You think I give a fuck? Nigga look at my truck
Matter of fact, look at my girl
Look at my Benz motherfucker, look at my friends
All us niggas got ends
Look at my shit, nigga look at my watch
Look at my muthafuckin drop, look at my yacht, boy stop
Look at all the shit you ain't got

Pharrell in the white, Gucci in the yellow one
I'm up in the red one, I thought you said something
Diddy's on the phone: "nigga get your swagger right!"
J told me to drop it on your head: swagger tight
Nigga spending money like I just won a settlement
Ever seen a nigga buy a Porsche on the internet?
Ever seen a nigga buy a house from the toilet?
Add a boat to the card, click "yes" – bought it!
So nigga stop acting like we don't know killas too
Fucking with my money like I don't know gorilla's too
Chris told me get my money, get the fuck out the trap
That was 99 ant I ain't looked back
And Jayceon said to hit him up if I ever have a problem
Don't worry about it, come through he'll solve em
Just pay for the lawyers, nigga fuck them charges
Ni**A fuck them charges


[Verse 2 - Pharrell]
P my nigga, nobody in the game fucks with me, my nigga
Got the keys my nigga, what I see my nigga
I open the door and don't leave my nigga
That ain't me my nigga, up in the air like a G my nigga
But you only getting there with the weed my nigga
Disagree my nigga? Not with the green, my nigga
No what I mean, my nigga
Fly around the world and me like me, my nigga
All the shit I be doing you don't read, my nigga
If that's the fucking case you won't believe, my nigga
Google my nigga, you see my nigga
He put me in the race to take the lead, my nigga
Billionaire Boys ice cream, my nigga
See the hat with the big ass B, my nigga?
Hermes, my nigga, Comme des Garcons and lv, my nigga
I wear Timberland and cc, my nigga
Karl made it for me, oui oui, my nigga
I know what you're thinking: what the hell, my nigga?
But @4REAL4RELL is my Twitter
Want to make money? Make Quitter. Com, bitter. Com
A hatingasshunrgryassnigga. Com
An internetthugorkilla. Com
Chased by Pharrell, Biggorilla. Com
We've seen the pictures, ain't shit on that Palm
Woulda/coulda/shoulda. Com
Holding hands with that bitch you ain't hitting. Com
Who you shitting. Com?

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