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Dove Cameron – Better In Stereo lyrics

Better in stereo,
B-better in stereo

I'm up with the the sunshine (let's go!)
Lace up my
high-tops (oh, no!)
Slam dunk, ready or not
Now show me what you got

I'm under the spotlight (holler)
I dare you, come on and follow
You dance to your own beat
I'll sing the melody!

When you say yeah!
I say no!
When you say stop...
(All I wanna do is go, go, go!)

You (you) the other half of me (me)
The half I'll never be-e
The half that drives me crazy!

You (you) the other half of me (me)
The half I'll never be-e
The half that drives me crazy!
You (you) the better half of me (me)
The half I'll always need!
Cause we both know
We're better in stereo!

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Submitted byLikeaBoss
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    This song to me means and is about how much we need our best friend, (amigo, chum, buddy, pal, joined-at-the-hip)even if they sometimes drive us totally nuts. Define friend? Friends are people you can count on, even in any really sticky situation, and love like family. Dove Cameron is one of the most talented people I have ever heard of. She said that she was so excited to shoot the music video with beg best friend Veronica. Trust me, I would too! The thing is, we will never be our best friend, even if we are identical twins! My point is, we really need our best friends. I mean seriously. Where would Thomas Edison be today if he didn't have all those people working with him? And Martin Luther King Jr. Had some real guts. Lots of other people did too. I would totally fail without my best friend, cause I ain't gonna lie, I'm kind of apushover and I may need a witness. Friends can be siblings, family, or just someone at school. The next time you hear this song, call up you best friend, even if they're 1000 miles away, and tell him/her how much they mean to you!
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