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Doug Anthony All Stars – Catholic Girls On LSD lyrics

Father, son, holy ghost!

Catholic girls on LSD
Love nuns who have bad habits
Protestant chicks get their kicks
From downing Mummy's tablets
Most everyone's on the trip these days
I'm not selling nothing
Love's the only drug I'm pushing

Push, push and shove love
Down your throat
Push, push and shove love
Down your throat
Down, down!

The Apostles were a happy crew
And Jesus was the dealer
They got high on living life
Heaven got much dearer
They said, "Oh..."
They said "Oh no!"

Simon Peter was a speed freak
Matthew was one, too
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
All high from sniffing glue
Thaddeus was a publican
He was downing eighty shilling
Andrew dropped some angel dust
And man, he made a killing!
They said, "Oh..."
They said "Oh no!"

Now, James the son of Zebedee
And James, his other son
Drank some Bex and dropped some X
And found synthetic love
Thomas was a doubter
Put his finger in the wounds
Bartholomew watched it all
Fucked up on mushrooms
They said, "Oh..."
They said "Oh no!"

Philip was on amphetamines
When he turned into a freak
In the Garden of Gethsemane
On Valium they fell asleep
Judas tried to kick the habit
Blood money for a loudmouth.
But he wound up as we found out
All hung up and strung out

Push, push and shove love
Down your throat
Push, push and shove love
Down your throat
Push! Shove! Ugh!

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