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DMX – Pump Ya Fist lyrics

Arf Arf,Arf Arf

Pump Ya Fists, Like This, C'mon
Pump Ya Fists, Like This, C'mon
Pump Ya Fists, Like This, C'mon
Pump Ya Fists, Like This
U Rockin with a
Dog Diggy Dog Da-Dang Da-Dang Diggy Diggy
Dog Diggy Dog Da-Dang Da-Dang Diggy Diggy
Dog Diggy Dog Da-Dang Da-Dang Diggy Diggy
Dog Diggy Dog Da-Dang Da-Dang Diggy Diggy

I don't Walk I stalk, Livin Foul like Pork
Shuttin Down underground Streets of new york
Hawk, is wut them niggaz call me
Cuz they all be, Suckin my dick
I kno the Half, So I laugh with em
My blood bath in the leather fuckin raps hit em
Full clip but only half did em
That's all it took, another crook, taken out over a dirty look
I bag niggaz, but niggaz that try, get shot dead
Aint taken a fuckin thing from me but hot lead
U kno my style faggot, cuz im alwayz scheming
In jail niggaz is holdin the six screamin, "POLICE!"
But u got no beefs it was just you BIG MAN and a lot more grease
All i get is THAT cuz niggaz want none of this


I got a hot type of I'll flow that still go for days
Don't you u kno i could kill your ass in many ways
Watch ya die slow without so much as a blink
Leave you in ur crib till your neighbours notice the stink
Use ur blood like ink, write my name on the wall
Dark man, X!, Death to Them All
Chump Niggaz Call, Beggin for they life
And i just fucked that bitch that u call your wife
She livin TRIFE and that's just how i want em
Bring his fuckin neice me n my man get up on em
That's why i creep em, lay em, slide
Takin man muthafuckin hoes on a ride
Get they skins drived
Just like a ferrari, hurt them, hurtin
Blast your ass cuz she jerkin, my dick
My wreck, must BUST, A TECH, off up in ya ass blast through your neck


The way i be flippin niggaz can't understand
Niggaz be like DOG i thought i was your man
You shouldn't have thought and that's what you get for thinking
Thinking cuz i knew u, i wouldn't get you niggaz stinking
Im the only offspring, of a bad breed
Motivated by mad greed, i make the bad BLEED
A bad seed, from a rotten apple
Preacher talks shit, get popped in the chaple
Flavour like snapple, we can all get some
Cuz it's all good in that hood im from
I,eat a nigga, dog,I do em real dirty
Me and my peeps meet ALL my peeps at seven thirty
Out for lunch forever,wont be back
Don't know act, so we attack in tha back
That's how they do
That's how they do
That's how they do BABYYYYY

[Hook x3]
Go!go!go!Go![Repeat till End]

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