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Dj Cooley – Time Is Ticking lyrics

Time is, time is ticking, time is ticking, time is
Time is ticking, time is ticking, time is

I say I’m tired of waiting for yo a**
I hate you, I hate you
You selfish, you arrogant, and so stupid
N*gga I don’t need you to live here
I'm tired of sitting up in this house
Not having a man next to me when
I want, being lonely

Uh, 6pm she ain’t answering the phone “no”
Called up cause I’m trying to get in touch
Trying to get the time back but the time already gone aww
Girl who you with, girl who that n*gga you in that pic with
Girl stop playing cause our life a movie
And you got the main roll, now you flipping the script on me “Damn”
I’ll admit it I was wilding in the club about a week ago “Damn”
I’ll admit it that it’s hard for me the tell my n*ggas no “Damn”
I haven’t been feeling the same without you I’ll admit it “I’ll admit It”
I hope you accept my apology time is still ticking

Time is, time is ticking, time is ticking, time is ticking
Time is ticking, time is ticking, time is

Girl I need you right now, yeah I swear girl I need your body right now
Beat it up, beat it down, she a freak when I come around
Beat it up, beat it down, you’re a queen you deserve a crown
They’re your ex for a reason, forget what they’re talking about “Oh”
“Oh” she love me, she love everything that's about me
Flexing on n*ggas, might just pull up in a new audi
She said that she love, and she ride me like a trolley
Only thing that I wish, wish that a n*gga would try me

Time is, time is, time is ticking, time is
Time is ticking, time is ticking, time is
Girl I know I could of did you better “Oh”
But name a n*gga that’s gonna get it wetter “Uh”

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