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Dizzee Rascal – Where's Da G's lyrics

Dirty Stank,
Liar Liar Pants On Fire
Your Not Gangster Your Not Street
You Just Make Yourself Sound Gangster
When Your Rapping On The Beat
You Aint Got Yourself In No Live
Threatening Situations Yet
Your No Dealer
Your Not Balling
You Just Get Yourself In Det
Your A Fan And Hip Hop Wanking
When You Hear Them Rappers Talk
Love To Sit And Listen
But We Know That You don't Walk The Walk
What's With All The Fake Aggression
I Can See That it's Not True
I Know Killers, I Know Gangsters
And They've Never Heard Of You
You Aint Robbed Nobody, Shanked Nobody, You Aint Bust No One
You Ain't Seen No Ghetto Action, Who Do You Think Your Fooling Son
You Should Pull Your Trousers Up
You Know It Ain't Your Type Of Look
Your No Player Your No Pimp
I Think You Should Read A Book And Settle, Find Yourself A Pretty Girl And Settle
You know them rap songs got you finkin your some kinda g
Well if that's the case then case of what will be will be
Weres da g weres the stars
Weres the whips weres the cars
Weres the cribs n weres the yard
Coz all I see is hype
Weres the dough weres the cash
Weres the whoes weres the gash
Weres the blicks n weres the mash
Coz all I see iz hype

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