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Dirt Poor Robins – Tah Dah lyrics

Welcome to this grand exhibit
Watching true life as I live it on the stage
You try to impress, oh, but look how I dress
It's going to please and entice
You tried to play nice, oh, partake my advice
It will lay you to wait to shoot, you see the camera's eye

Day in, day out
Watch the magic
Some days can be almost tragic strategy
You tried to be clever, but look at these feathers
My beauty is greater to bear
You tried to play fair, but there's no rum in there
They'll destroy me, exploit me, but I'll take a piece of the share

Tah dah, la de da
Tah dah, la de da

You always said I'd do more
I always wondered what more is for

Everything's squandered, we're destined to wander
Til death kindly opens her door

You always said I'd do more
I always wondered what more is for
Everything fleeting, we're tired of breathing
Until we see the backside of a sub-scarlet door

Tune in for the grand finale
Watch as I pack up and the valet calls the play
You tried to predict what the end will inflict
But your wildest conclusions will pale

You wish you could save me, but you would enslave me
For I have found freedom bleeding each last drop of blood from this last fairy tale

Tah dah, la de da
Tah dah, la de da

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