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Diplomats – All Over - Un Kasa, Jr Writer lyrics

(Un Kasa)
I'm the magnificent maroco, seats are peacata, quick ta let the glock blow, chrome straight ta carta, asta minyata when you fuckin wit kasa, da gun will turn ya chest inta pasta, porsche boxster, color of lobster, chrome pipes and seats cinnamon cobbla, rap cats adore me notta, whoa, you full of candy like party pinatas, we da taliban diplomat, we party wit llamas, far as it goes I'm the realest nigga spittn, niggaz talk hustle game but I'm really livin it, anything I want and need nigga I'm gettin it, 745 gucci top wit da stick in it, ice so clear like the shit fishes swimmin in, I aint diddy yall but I'm strictly for da benjimans, I'm da boss I aint dealin wit no middle man, ill discharge da bomb ta leave this city tremblin

(J. Are Writer)
When we step in da buildin, yeah dipset you messin wit millionaires, this da heat of the camp, leader and champ thatll give you a shot like you need a chance, its over, what you don't understand, I let the thunder blam, J stay puttin up fours like a brother man, hawk or da mac, hawk in his back, torch thru his hat, off wit his cap, how awful is that, fuck wit da dips get stuffed in a ditch, clapped in ya wig, cut in ya face, stuck wit a pick, yeah were disgusting and sick, quick ta gice you the gunplay, imagin me scuffin for kicks, besides that I'm a hustler wit brick,; holla at me if you need weed crack and dusty and spliff, I'm on the strip wit a s*** in the whip, face in my lap, noddin, like she tryin to say what's up to my hips, it over,

(J. Are Writer)
I'm on da strip wit ya favorite drugs, treys ta doves, nickname al bundy, how I stay wit bud, I'm da one dat da haters gruge, spray da snub, play a thug, lay above, get knocked pay da judge

(Un Kasa)
Bad bitches, its the llana tub, come play wit thugs, pop cris all night fill ya face wit suds, what ya thinkin love, we aint aint makin love, if ya man come in front fill his face wit slugs

(J. Are Writer)
Look man I wreck frames wit da tech aim, trust me icey hot wont help ya chest pain

(Un Kasa)
Niggaz runnin around no rims they neck plain, its the dipset get it correct respect game

(J. Are Writer)
When you see me either you duck or you dodge or jus run to ur car and duck in ya dodge

(Un Kasa)
I jus wanna top ya prowler, ur truck and ur car, we da taliban diplomats you fuckin with stars

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