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Dew Baby – Selling Everything lyrics

Sold it all, weed to blow, eater acid, needle doors
Hell corner, 3 below, summer scorching, police patrol
Mountain bikes, silent types, hit the corner, they screaming vice
We through the door, that's common sense
We hop the fence, might scop it nice
But fuck that, was it your... To a dope boy, that's no 4
Stunting hard, with the jews, like Camron and old boy,
Yuck, that's no toy, nonsense, that's no noise
That's silencer, on a black street,
That's black street with no joy
No yup yup till she yayo, no half stepping just raw nigga
Get the job done, long as you can, you ass betting
As expecting, I just wrecked, what it do baby?
In dc, it's true baby like 2 necklace

I can dance, I can sell
I'm just standing here selling everything
I can dance, I can sell
I'm just standing here selling everything
Oh, oh, oh,

Hey look, when I was 17 my 20's went for 17
Was fucking bitches in they 20's, funny I was 17
I was that, that little red nigga, chasing green
Selling dick and selling dreams, and everything that's in between
Homie want a pill, do we wanna dip?
We call that water big shoes, you smoke then it make you trip
Bitch I get that money then I make it flip
I throw the work up in the pot and then I start the work to risk
Big money, my pass wagon, need 4 corners that's all...
I'm balling, nba, outside my block jamming
I got rocks up in my socks and they not for protection
People catch me slipping then that's distribution and possession
While they was putting half, I was selling hash
Making all this dirty money, told my bitch to run a bath
And it's not to wash my ass, it's to wash the cash
Headed to the bank with this fucking money while I laugh

I can dance, I can sell
I'm just standing here selling everything
I can dance, I can sell
I'm just standing here selling everything.

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