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Devon Tracy – Headlines lyrics

Only a few real homies
Cuz too many real phony
And the last chick I smash still owe me
So I told her to call me whenever she feel lonely
Cuz I ain't never commitment, the kid is still only, a young man
I'mma make it rain, make these haters do a sun dance
Rollie on my wrist, go and give em all a sun tan, ah!
Too much power for one man
Feelin' like I got whole world in one hand
Shit ain't really been the same ever since I got in the game
They wanna get next to Devon like my middle name
Yeah just to say she did it and get a little fame
Hey! And there's nothing with a little change
No, but I'd rather count bills woah!
And If this was twitter I'm #ill so
I ain't mad if she bad like a timeout
I'mma have her to bring her back to my house
If I get give her that wood
She might get a splitter
She think that I just wanna get in her
Man I just wanna get in her
I am outerspace
I got these soul call rappers feelin' out of place
I could take your girlfriend out on date
And make her fall for me
This is all for me
Smell me like some [?]
I'm in your girls ovaries
I tell it like it is that ain't nobody that's over me
Accept for the man on my rosaries
They sayin' I'm everything y'all suppose to be
And you know I got this [?] from Spain
Who love to scream my name everytime that I go overseas, yea
More lines than a groceries
Boy you ain't close to me
Your flow is weak, I'm so absurd
All they wanna do is talk like spoken word
Every song I'm on I go dessert [?]
So I tell her call me daddy cuz I go to work, Ah!
Call me daddy cuz I go to work
Everything's Louis, I be spittin' Louis
Try to tell her my name but she already knew me
Cuz I'm blowin like [?] with a chick from the movie
I'm A boss!

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