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Derek – Cinnamon lyrics

Sneaking down your alleyway
And knocking on your door
Thought I had enough
But I'm back for more

Cinnamon, let me in
Cinnamon, let me in

Knock, knock, let me in
I won't go away (oh, uh uh)
I'm gonna see you
If it takes all day (oh, uh uh)

Cinnamon, let me in
Cinnamon, let me in
Singing, sha la la la la...

One potato, two potato
Three potato, four
Open up, Cinnamon, I want more

Five potato, six potato
Seven potato, eight
Give it to me, Cinnamon
I can't wait

You can't hide, girl
I'm coming inside, girl
Do what you want to
Baby, I'll let you

Might as well face it
Cinnamon, you know
I'm gonna get you

Sha la la la la...

(Cinnamon, Cinnamon)
(Cinnamon) here I come, girl

Cinnamon, oh, let me in
Cinnamon, let me in
Sing it, sha la la la la...

Let me, Cinnamon
Sha la la la la...
Can't you hear me knocking, baby
Sha la la la la...

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Submitted bycharcotfoot


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    Given the time this song came out (1968) I think the song was about a white boy who was infatuated with a black girl named Cinnamon. Lot's of hints. Everything from sneaking down the alleyway, knockin on your door. And the one potato two potato jump rope background vocals sung by African American girls. And of course, the girls name, "Cinnamon". In those days, the older generation would never understand or approve such deviancy, not to mention pre-marital sex!
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    This song is about sex. I don't think it matters who's black or white; Cinnamon rhymes with let me in. It sounds sexist to me. Despite its upbeat music, it could easily be a story about a rapist: "Sneakin' down your alleyway...", "Might as well face it, you know I'm gonna get you." He's pounding on the door and she's not letting him in. Sounds like rape to me.
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