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Denzil Porter – Rock, Paper, Scissors lyrics

Look, now shawty got a booty like a motherfucking space ship
She could make a 8 years speed like, oh my god
I am Joe the Plummer and I brought those pipes girl
I am on my job
Fiend that, give me that, please in,
Be in morning, noon and evening, believing
She could rock my boat and tip it over
I'ma give her seamen
Moving so hd so clearly, you would think she had motion flow
How low can you go? With a throat that's deeper than the ocean floor
Of course, deeper than the ocean go
Back pockets with emotions go
So if she say she love me I reach in my front pocket
Like no she don't, give her that oki doki
Tryina dag in that oki poke
Tryina poke in that door seat dog
Give it to her deep sea oh...
Shake it till you break it,
Really hope you got got cold, on the booty
Plus she gave it up, so easy,
That a cave nigga do it like that,
Low, can you go, I'm sweet cheek meat like a...
Plus my chain ain't penis low,
You call it rock we call it kidney stones
... They envy I, I'm so fed up, no fbi
A guy will die if he come try
I keep saying there ain't no telling lie

[Hook:] x 2
I throw my paper up, not gonna let it drop
Cut that thing up like the scissors
Girl ain't gonna let it rock
Now let it drop, let it rock, let it rock, let it rock

Look, Shawty got my pants down looking like a tumor
Then I had her legs spreading like a rumor
And this bitch think she slick
Hope this bitch don't think I'ma groom her
I assumer her, friends wanna join in
I don't play no games, I don't put a coin in
She like damn Denzil, you got game
That's not my name, but I'm still going in
Like fuck it, while I'm all in the cucci
Got this all in the cucci, but her cucci's so big
A nigga fall in the cucci
Now she got a nigga thinking, maybe I should call my niggas
Get them all in the cucci
But a bizness really don't suit me
She a bad ass bitch probably shoot me
Put a weapon to the cufy, like where the loubie
Or else boom, boom, boom, boom
Yeah, she gonna let it drop
That mean she gonna let it be
And maybe she gonna let it bop, bip bop on it
Now dj, gonna let it knock
And any how that beat stop girl
Please don't stop girl, let me see that box
Beatbox on it
Ah, we all feeling good,
There's never no stress
Girls gotta come, while chemicals' next
While I puff puff on the chemical x
... While this girl gets nude
She a nudist, wake up in the morning
Like nigga look what you did!

[Hook:] x 2
I throw my paper up, not gonna let it drop
Cut that thing up like the scissors
Girl ain't gonna let it rock
Now let it drop, let it rock, let it rock, let it rock.

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