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Demetri Yates – The Brightest Star lyrics

I am the best thang in tha galaxy,
You wanna outshine, you can't challenge me.
Not on my level you to blind to see,
My jewery did it, I don't know where they mine this bling.
Probably my shine just come naturally.
Go ask them niggaz in my dynasty,
Respect em, so wen they talk, scilence please,
And you must face tha facts, imma beast.
Who eat tha other stars surrounding me,
To be the brightest, you must bound to be.

Tha britest star,
The, the, the, the britest star,
Shining over the others,
Briter than tha sun,
Briter than tha moon.
Go above tha others,
Like a baloon... [2x]

Exception of explosion,
Look how far I have rosen,
Above you, look @ how many viewers I have stolen.
I am tha little childrens favorite star,
Show up every night, look at how late you are,
Tryna be what I am but can't handle tha benifits.
You look rediculus, dress like a gentlemen,
Pleeeasssse, and all these stars tryna this,
But I stole tha sky, you can't shine a bit.
Took all tha spot light, yeah I'm greedy,
Must be alone, for they can see me,
In the clearview,
On top, I'll never be near you, cuz I am.

The britest star,
The, the, the, the britest star,
Shining over the others,
Briter than the sun,
Briter than the moon,
Go above tha others,
Like a baloon... [2x]

I might me small, but who shines better,
You only glows up, on tha fine weather,
But I'm tough, burn you, I'm pass 20, 000 degrees,
You laugh in a different diretion, you scared to be smiling @ me.
I'm am unlimited, I don't need mass,
Never get old, my heart beats fast,
But wats tha point, I been everywhere and jupiters cool,
You could be their to, if you hadn't ran out of nuclear fuel.

(Beat Drop)...
Britest star, britest star, britest star. Aaahhhhh.

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