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Delain – We Are The Others lyrics

I'm walking with Sophie tonight,
She lives in the air that I breathe;
I can't get it out of my mind
How you were left to bleed
Was it how you dressed?
Or how you act?
I can't believe
How they could act so violently,
Without regret,
Well, we will not forget...

We are the others,
We are the cast outs,
We're the outsiders
But you can't hide us,
We are the others,
We are the cast outs
You're no longer on your own
If you feel mistreated,
Torn and cheated,
You're not alone,
We are the others
(We are the others)

As simple as air in your lungs,
As simple as words on your lips,
And no one should take that away,
No one should argue this
Now with our heads up high,
We'll carry on,
And carry out,
And we won't let them get us down,
Wear us out,
'Cause we are not alone...


Normal is not the norm,
It's just a uniform...
(We are the others)
Forget about the norm,
(We're the outsiders)
Take off your uniform,
(We are the others)
We are all beautiful,
(We are the others)

We are the others,
We are the others.

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    No matter who we are. Goth, emo, punk, smart and vice versa. We should not be stereotyped by people. No one is alone because there is always going to be someone out there who understands what they are going through. We do not deserve to die for just being ourselves. We live in a very hypocritical society where people tear others down to boost themselves up. Sophie lancaster and her boyfriend did not deserve what they got. They were 'cast out' by society and were 'the others' because they were not like those around them. But you 'can't hide them' because they are who they are and there is no such thing as a normal person. Because no one is 100% normal. No matter what people look like it does not define them as a whole. And it never will.
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