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Def Manic – Smooth Criminal lyrics


First step is the Cannibus,
And Ima come around now with the manuscript,
No fashion tip,
Gotta flirt 'cause I'm so fucken passionate,
No ass and kiss,
'Cause I'm a man who always reminisce,
An addict that will never exist,
You got me guessing but I never predict,
This is what I gotta do when the pain inflict,
Just wanna be myself and all, I'ma ball till I fall always stay on call,
Till the day that we finally lose our jobs,
Just tryna' quit with no heartthrob,
Pop some pills, do some H,
Fuck you, still gotta get my pay,
Tell me bitch to just meet me at my place,
Stress-free shit and this life is easy,
Work hard, sip something just like Weezy,
Now everybody wanna say "Rest in Peace" Eazy.

Annie are you ok? Are you ok?
Annie are you ok? Are you ok?
Annie are you Ok? Are you Ok? Are you Ok? Annie.

[Verse 2:]

Writing it down and spitting it out,
Slappin' a bitch and fucking around,
Enjoying myself with the Jazz on the shelf,
Not reppin' the city, not even a little,
Kool G Rap and uncover the riddle,
In the middle of the night, yeah a lil' I might,
Got tricks up my sleeve, like Amy Reid,
I'm the Bugs to the Bunny and the Jay to the Z,
Scavenger smoker, yo pass me the weed,
Praying to God for a healthy seed,
I gotta takeover like I'm a G,
Reading the paper and claiming you're free,
Never really gon' gon' touch on that,
Only pray to God where the sky is at,
Where Proof and Bugz just sit and relax,
Gotta work hard for the biggest impact.

Annie are you ok? Are you ok?
Annie are you ok? Are you ok?
Annie are you Ok? Are you Ok? Are you Ok? Annie.

[Verse 3:]

Man I gotta reak a bit of Havoc when I'm fuckin' around and always stayin' real deep in the Mobb,
And they just wanna tell me I'm a Prodigy since the day that they put out "How to Rob",
And this is when I realize I'm gettin' a lil' K like Andre but no not Deandre Way,
Man I just wanna be myself,
Everybody just ask for some help, gotta redeem myself,
And I just wanna be the best I can,
Always fuckin' around but showing love to the fans,
Accepting blessings from any man and any plan that I gotta do,
16 with a tight curfew,
Blessed the runway, blew up big and who knew?
Just wanna see the stars pop off,
And always hoping like Dre that I never fall off


Annie, are you ok?
Will you tell us that you're ok,
There's a sign at the window,
That he struck you
A crescendo, Annie,
He came into your apartment,
He left the bloodstains on the carpet,
Then you ran into the bedroom,
You've been struck down,
Annie are you ok? Are you ok?
Annie are you ok? Are you ok?
Annie are you Ok? Are you Ok?
Are you Ok? Annie,
You've been hit by, you've been hit by,
The smooth criminal,
Are you ok

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