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Deathboy – Computer #1 lyrics

Burn the strings with black flames
Break the rules to silly games
Show me how to find the way
Denim knees start to fray
Reach me now I'm cold and
Teach me something new
Show me all their lies
... Weren't true
I am computer number 1
I am future going wrong
I am computer number 1
I am future going wrong
Snap these fears solid fact
Shape this image broken cracked
Take me high inside clouds
Mute all who talk too loud
Reach me now I'm lost and
Teach me brighter vision
Tell them this computer
... Won't listen
I am computer number 1
I am future going wrong
I am computer number 1
I am future going wrong
Lose them all clearer mind
Cut the rope that slowly binds
Free me now from false words
Wash away those thoughts absurd
Reach me now I'm here and
Teach me how they lied
Show me how to break them
I am computer number 1
I am future going wrong
I am computer number 1
I am future going wrong
"Computer #1" (spoken)
Think I'm losing it.
Can't get to sleep without the noise my computer makes.
Not even listening to music anymore.
Just the fan ticking over.
Lets me know that someone I care about's still running.
Feels like I'm connected all the time if I need to be.
Feels like home.
Feels like home.
It's getting worse.
Or maybe it's getting better.
I just know that my hardware doesn't let me down like people do.
People are scum.
I always try n have the latest graphics card
But that's not the point
It's not that these things look like reality
It's that you've got a better chance of surviving.
I don't know how seriously you can take these things
I mean... You can meet people from the other side of the world
People from different time zones
That you'd never have the chance to interact with otherwise
But I've had days where I've checked my mail on the train
With my mobile phone, just in case one of my friends across the world world has got in touch
And sometimes the difference between a small world and a big, lonely one is how well you understand the technology

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