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Dead Jesus – Carnival Of Fetuses lyrics

Nine months in captivity.
Came out of the womb, fell on the floor.
Cat cut my umbilical cord, covered in goo, In this life my bearers breath smells like glue.
Sick of waitng, people staring, Social sodomy on display.
A carnival of blood-stained envy, Hate strung lies and open graves.
Open my eyes to a big surprize, To a house of a pigsty.
Garbage on the floor, needles in the couch, Broken glass and blood dripping everywhere.
My daddy walks in, he's pissed as usual.
Sits his fat ass down on the couch.
Shoves the needle in his arm (it's all about you)
And grabs a bottle and smashes it over my mommys head.
She falls to the floor (you fucking c*** we're through)
I can't take this anymore.
This can't go on.
What is this hell I was brought into?
My son.
I Gave life, but I don't really know you.
So much pain, just take it away.
Just like life the blood it drains and I am to be denied.
Hearts are bleeding children screaming; An orgasm of constant rage.
Pointed fingers in blackened mirrors.
I Never I asked for what I gave.
He punts me outside,
Throws me in the car, says I don't belong,
Takes me to the city dump, throws me out,
Stomps on my head one last time for good measure
So he can go on, and laughs as he rides away.
Nine months and a day.
Waste of time waste of my life.
If this is what I am destined to, I shall not exsist at all.
Roll around in the garbage,
Barbwire, broken glass till my flesh is one big scar.
Just like life the blood drains, and I am nevermore.

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