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David Stones – Why I Love It lyrics


They love it
They need it and we made it so far they can't believe it
Critics said that we won't ever achieve it
So I guess their expectations we exceeded
We does it, So rugged
But somehow get accepted by the public
Get rejected then connected on some bugged shit
The same reason why they hate is why I love it
(Yeah) Why they hate is why I love it
The same reason why they hate is why I love it
(Yeah) Why they hate is why I love it
The same reason why they hate is why I love it
(Yeah) Why they hate is why I love it
The same reason why they hate is why I love it
(Yeah) Why they hate is why I love it
I love it, I love it

[Verse 1: David Stones]

This is for my niggas in the trap with the gacs moving g-packs
This more than rap matter of fact even more than that
This for them honey's in the hood tryna get away
Hustlin' everyday just to make a little pay
I feel your pain times changed It's a cryin shame
That our brothas and sisters are strugglin' just to maintain
That's why I vowed to get in this game to make a change cause if it was you you would want the fuckn' same
I never understood how they throw us to the wolves
Like they don't see the shit we lack in the hood
Aint shit but scraps and some shacks in the hood
So how they gon' judge the way we act in the hood
They think the only thing we do is slack in the hood
Chillin' all day sippin yach in the hood
Buying backwoods and dime sacks in the hood
Fuck that!
Yo that's why I spit facts for the hood cause

[Chorus 1x]

[Verse 2: David Stones]

This is for my people in the fast lane tryna live the fast life
Finding out that they didn't read the map right
Now they on the same exact road as last night
Lookin' for a flashlight falling victim to the hype
Hindsight is 20/20 but a better view is when you stop to look at what's right ahead of you
Most the time what you needs not what you wanna do
That's why it's good to know the differences between the 2
Open up your eyes and get wise to the truth
You could make a lot of money rhymin' in the booth
And you could make a lot of money ballin' shooting hoops
But if you free your mind your potentials through the roof
In the hood success doesn't leave a lot of proof so we stick to what we know cause we gotta get the loot
But "all money aint good money's" the truth
That's why I do it for my people strugglin' and the youth cause

[Chorus 1x]

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