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Darkest Of The Hillside Thickets – Burrow Your Way To My Heart lyrics

When you were a little girl you were stung by a wasp
And the skin on your arm puffed up and went red
Yet you so loved that wasp and all of his brothers that
Brought the whole damn angry hive into your
Right into your bed

As a child you were riddled with ringworm
So your father cut them out of your skin
Then you felt so alone and remorseful
You tracked each little worm down and put them back in

Have you ever tried to neck with an earwig
Oh, your body is a home to your friends
You've a tick for each nipple and a leech for each finger
And a parasitic love that never ends

Do you have any love left for me
I'm small, but that's a start
Eat me up with your love
Burrow your way to my heart
Do you have any love left for me
I'm small, that's a start
Eat me up with your love, please
Burrow your way to my heart

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