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Dark Half – Forgive Me lyrics

Break out inside of me
Hold it inside of me
Break out inside of me till I'm dead
Hoping reality finds me some sanity
Break out inside of me till I'm dead

I take a walk outside to remind myself, I'm not the only one living in this hell
I know I'll probably need some help cause I can't take it
I walk a couple of blocks to the liquor store, I know I've been down this path before
Lost so many friends to addiction but I still can't shake it
Should I pray to a god that I don't see? Should I fake a smile when you all see me knowing if you knew the real me you'd drown me out like jason?
And I can't seem to love myself I guess, staring at the ugly I possess
Hoping you'll forgive me for the mess, I'm finally at peace
Noone could save me, I'm finally at peace, noone could save me
Couldn't take it

In my time alone, oh then I find this fear, visions of your face slowly disappear
You don't know you killed me, do you?
You don't know I die just to spite you?
I waited by the phone, my vision is not so clear, this poison calls my soul
I really wish you were here, but it seems like all I am just fades away
Fades away

Ashamed now the sinners talk with each other, walk with one another
Now drug out the needles, two sided people please come together
Can we find a reason for peace this evening? Oh I'm crying mother
We're blinded for a reason, it's called fighting demons, let's conquer ourselves first
Not harm one another, kill one another, choke one another
No more crying mothers, don't take our brothers, we war with each other
It's such a saddening thing to see, we can't trust one another
And if you see what I do see, then you know why we suffer

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