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Darius Da Dynasty – My Life lyrics

Chorus: (x2)
(My life) x3 stay poppin (my life) x2 keep the hard times droppin

(Verse 1)
My life was like a dream until I was 4
Dr.'s tried 2 put me on meds had 2 go wit it though
At the age of 9 I just stuck wit the flow
Had dreams of making serious doe
I got dream of going 2 college and things
Like my jeezy said don't give up on your dreams
So I stuck with the plan
Then I went plain
Like weezy dynasty make it rain


(Verse 2)
Growing up like me u c life isn't so breezy
But like me I wonder how some people got it so easy
So I took the shot and reached for my goal
Now my little brothers c how I roll
Sum times I dream I was the best rapper their is
But people telling me I'm just a kid
Look around the world though it just a bid
U either do nothing or go all
If u do nothing your going 2 fall
But from my experience that's not always the case
B/c I been through a lot u can tell by looking at my face
From school 2 rapping I got 2 keep my head up
And we all know sometimes we get feed up
But sometimes we have 2 think 4 a minute
About your struggle and how u finished it


Yo me being born me and my sis were premature
With the Dr.s in the test room they were really sure
That me and my sis were gun die
My grandma was worried about who was gun fry
But I'm still standing the Dr.s was wrong
My sis died but 4 me 2 b strong
That was my big sis 2 but only by 5 minutes
But I'm still not down about what happen wit it
But my G.O.D had it planned out
We was born up north now we n the south
I really wish my sis was here 2 chill wit me
But now she up high watching over me
Making sure I become what I'm suppose 2 b
She knows but I can't c
So in memory of her I'm going 2 say peace


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