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Darius Da Dynasty – D.Y.N.A.S.T.Y lyrics

D. Y. N. A. S. T. Y
The meaning of that is the principal of being fly

Da D is 4 Damage of what Darius can do 2 you
Like my sick flow it like a disease 2 you
It just contangeous just like da pink eye
Yea I'm fly
Yea wit da sic flow you kno how we ride
Now da Y is 4 y you tryin my flow
I you wanted 6 bars and there you go
You think this is skool this aint ur abcz
I'm just tellin you what dynasty means 2 me
I don't care what it means 2 you
You prob don't think the same as I do
Kuz da word you spittin is juss like poo
Boo lol


[Verse 2:]
Da n 2 me is how nasty my flow is
I juss made you throw up 5minutes b 4 this
It's so nasty you threw up my bars
Now dez wordz had you scared
Now da a is 4 da angel I can b
I'm can b such an angel that stevie wonder can c
Tht angel I kno is watchin me is my sis man
4 a minute I though we was part indian
Da s is 4 self goin which I what I am
I push foward like dem cats in makin da band
Tryin 2 get on my grind
And keep a good state at mind
Anotha word for self goin is independent
Like webbie and boosie that's what I am I meant it


[Verse 3:]
Da t in this is 4 technique
Now as far as you heard you boi is sweet
My lyrics will rip you up like a pack of meat
Shout 2 my boi eman yo rest in peace
Dats who told me stay on mii grind
Not every once n a while but all da time
Last but no least y is 4 your next generation
Watch out 4 me on ur local radio station
Cuz now I'm a legend in da makin
Now I'm done tellin you what it meanz
So witout fur or do ima say dueces beez

[Chorus:] x3

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