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Damian "Junior Gong" Marley – In 2 Deep lyrics

Want to commit suicide
Cause you've been denied your 9 to 5
You're in 2 deep
If you're over 10
And watch cnn and believe everything
You're in 2 deep
And your 35
And you still survive, idle pon corner side
You're in 2 deep
And your 55
And don't have a child, for your joy & your pride
You're in 2 deep
And yuh riding a freak
And she love how you do it, and your condom deplete
You're in 2 deep
And she seh, "Baby please."
And you're weak in the knees and kick off and release
You're in 2 deep
Then you hear from the streets
Seh she full of disease, and you start to sneeze
You're in 2 deep
All months and fi weeks
All food yuh nuh eat, and you weight start decrease
Youre in 2 deep

So don't be in 2 deep
For you wi' incomplete
When you drop in the streets
You wi' drop in 2 deep

And don't be in 2 deep
For you wi' incomplete
When you drop in the streets
You wi' drop in 2 deep

[Verse 2:]
You a war 'gainst the Beast
And when things fi squeeze, that's when you-a freeze
You're in 2 deep
And you one a bleach
And you drop asleep, and machine a beat
You're in 2 deep
You exault and hype
Like you fling Dandimite, and nuh live gangster life
You're in 2 deep
And a run off you beak
And your thing go breach, and Bad Man go see it
You're in 2 deep
Then if a one police
Find you with yuh piece, and you start to squeal
You're in 2 deep
And you get release
Man a circle you neat, and you think it nuh real
You're in 2 deep
Then true things go steep
You fi sneak some coke in your crease
It's in 2 deep
And go overseas
And same time you reach, dog sniff out you crease
He's in 2 deep

[Chorus Repeats]

[Verse 3:]
You a brag 'bout your wealth
And speak of yourself, like you're someone else
You're in 2 deep
When you just start to grow
But you think you a pro cause you see it inna show
You're in 2 deep
Thin you know everything
And worship the bling and deny King
You're in 2 deep
Mesmerized by the beat
Cd on repeat memorizing my speech
You're in 2 deep

[Chorus Repeats]

[Verse 1 Repeats]

[Chorus Repeats]

[Verse 2 Repeats]

[Chorus Repeats]

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