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Daan – Angels lyrics

We had no trouble with the face of any plot
When I'd been out stealing in a closet I was caught
I said never but was the first to direct you
Caue your own suicide was legal as infractures
I'm on a train without a traction I'm lost on a roid
That owns a fraction I'm raising my stake
While my time I'm spending on rubber dolls and outlaws
But I tracked you to collect you protect you
From mercy from morals and I never would neglect you
For my angers my laughs that ain't rolling
But your own genocide was mentally directed by
Forces sweet forces that deranged you
Or be cocked or outknocked by amazing
Staindrops but it's been so wrong it's been so long
Yes I've been a fool to be tempte to treat you
For beating the record the simonized packard
The girl on the roam that ain't never getting picked up
Smahsed up stuck inside a resto rumble I got the phone
But I never get I dial tone angels could have crooked you
Could have booked you to go tripping in timbuktu
But would you would you prefer to refer to your nephew
White outlined curfew
Angels could have crooked you could have booked you
To go triping in timbuktu but would you would you
Prefer to refer to your nephew white outlined curfew

Forces no forces could retain you
Or be blocked our outknocked by outrageous
Pit stops but I've been so wrong yes I've been so long
Yes I've been so wrong to be there to protect you
I'm not the wrecker the window or the mekka
The man on the roam that ain't never getting backed up
Smashed up steering like a renegade rambler
I got the phone but I never get a dial tone
But instead I'm caling to rapped up
And mapped up a stone a breeze a number one
Yeah I'm a song an open door
While all my patients are rude
While I'm inspecting the rodeo
And not adore you or bore you
But I'm about to warn you I got a lesson for you
Love is the rapture an honesty failure
Love is a record that I wont play for you
Angels could have crooked
You could have booked you
Yo go tripping in timbuktu but would you
Would you prefer to refer to your nephew
White outlined curfew

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