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D0C2CE – Mountain Man lyrics

[VERSE 1: D0c2ce]
I despise all these humans around me
Buck on my waistline where would the world be without me?
Where would I be without the world? in the hills
In the darkness alone just to sharpen my skills
The voices I hear are the trees talkin they raised me
They took my soul's information erased it replaced me
Ya it kinda displaced made me a bit animalistic
And all you modern mothafuckaz you'll just never get it
So I say fuck you eternally I'm stalkin wit the pumas
And you'll never get to turn on me cuz here there aint no rumors
Or gossip, love or any profit
If you die here, the dirt and leaves will be your coffin
Popular mothafucka, little fairy ass wouldn't last
Creepin catch a hatchet to the chest yes I'm gonna blast
Throw ya bones on the black rocks cook ya meat in the flames
A lot of people say I'm insane but man I'm just a

[HOOK x 1]
Mountain man
Man I'm just a mountain man
I'm a muthafuckin mountain man
Man I'm just a mountain man

[VERSE 2: D0c2ce]
Scopin out the scenery watchin for tresspassin
Blood and guts drippin from my pan foothill assassin
Got you gassin when u runnin from me death is comin
No cops or hospitals muthafucka hope you studied
Tacticts and weaponry survival is necessity
But hunger is priority so you will be left to bleed
Kidnap ya bitch and fuck her in the ass in the mountains
Leave the bocats and coyotes the rest I'm lookin out
For the others they my brothers night pack dwellers
Fuck society I ain't buyin what they sellin
Ya soft pussy rappin faggot stop you in ya tracks
Got you in the monocular watchin you from the back
Ninja stars penetrate ya lungs stop ya respriration
I'm breathin in the solar systems higher elevation
Yeah these hills have eyes you can say that they're mine
They say I'm crazy but I'm doin just fine as a muthafuckin

[HOOK x 1]
Mountain man
Man I'm just a mountain man
I'm a muthafuckin mountain man
Man I'm just a mountain man

[VERSE 3: D0c2ce]
I've walked many trails steel toes stompin
Cammouflage on throwin knives u in my scope til
My ammos all gone man you all talk from this generation
Corrupted youth til I found myself in nature
So watch where ya steppin cuz u might hit the wire
Drop a boulder on ya skull crush ya muthafuckin eyes out ya
Face try to run I'm doin dashes all day
Fuck a mountain lion I'm the one to stop ya heart's pace

[HOOK x 1]
Mountain man
Man I'm just a mountain man
I'm a muthafuckin mountain man
Man I'm just a mountain man

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